The simplest interpretation of a billfold possible. The Cardamon Wallet aims to be the perfection of the traditional wallet. The essential functionality has been retained, but all other aspects of this design represent a new approach.



The Wallet Re-imagined


To enhance an object this familiar without distorting the essential form or altering its usefulness required us to ask... What is essential, why do you need it, and, and what could be left behind? 





The WALLET I has been designed to hold currencies for North, Central and South America as well as Australia. The WALLET II is slightly larger and accommodates all other global currencies. Both wallets have the capacity to carry 8 cards plus cash. 





In 2016 we launched on Kickstarter.

It was a successful campaign and we would like to thank everyone who offered their support to us.
Visit our kickstarter campaign page to learn more about the wallet.


The wallet is made with MeridianShell®, a proprietary material developed to deliver unrivaled durability, performance, and beauty as it patinas over a lifetime of use.


It is our goal that your Cardamon Wallet will last you a lifetime. Our guarantee is simple and unconditional: If you wear it out or destroy it, send it back and we’ll send you a replacement.