Experience the Wallet
distilled into its purest form

The Cardamon Wallet is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Our guarantee is simple and unconditional; If you wear it out or destroy it - ever - send it back and we’ll send you a replacement.

Cardamon re-imagines, designs, and manufactures advanced textiles and timeless personal accessories intended to last a lifetime. Founded in 2014, in Squamish, British Columbia, by friends who shared a vision to challenge conventional design through an uncompromised approach.

MeridianShell® is a proprietary new material developed over 2 years of in-house R & D to deliver unrivaled durability, performance, and beauty over a lifetime of use. This engineered fabric is made from a 300 Denier Polyamide / Polyester blend and constructed in an ultra high-density weave. This state-of-the-art process produces a rich high-performance fabric that yields a material with unmatched versatility and performance.

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